Size Chart



*Pocket Belts*

Sizing for Hipstirr Pocket Belts is based on your HIP measurements and is as follows:  
XSmall-    29-35” 
Small-      31-37”
Medium-  35-41” 
Large-     40-46” 
XLarge-   45-51” 
Please take your HIP measurement based on where you will be wearing your belt. 
This is probably not the widest part of your hips. It should be a bit above the widest part.
We recommend that you use a flexible tape measure. 
If you do not have a flexible tape measure, we would suggest you use a string to measure your hips and then lay it along the edge of a yardstick/ruler to find your correct measurement.
Find where you fall in our size guide above and choose the appropriate size for your belt. 
If you are in between sizes, we normally recommend sizing down.
The beauty of a leather pocket belt is that the leather will form to your body with wear and as it does, it will provide about an additional inch of length. 
Please Contact Us if you have any questions about sizing.
All of our belts are available in sizes Small & Medium and many of our styles are available in sizes Xsmall & Large.  
We have carefully selected which belts we feel work best in the XSmall, Large and XLarge sizes.  
Some of our belt styles work better in these sizes than others and we are happy to provide suggestions or feedback for your requests of belts in these sizes.   
Some styles, we cannot do in the XSmall size due to the layout of the pockets or structure of the belt itself. 
We can do most belts in sizes Large and XLarge.
Feel free to ask us if you don't see exactly what you are looking for available in your size.
For more details, Please see the section below regarding Special Orders & Requests and also the section on the use of our Back in Stock "Notify Me" Option.


Clothing pieces are available is sizes XSmall, Small, Medium and Large
The Specific measurements for the different Clothing styles are included in the descriptions on each product page


Holster Styles are all made as One Size with adjustable length straps

*Dress Belts*

Measurements for sizing of our Dress Belts are included in the description of each individual style
Please note that our Dress Belts are sized differently than our Pocket Belts

Please Contact us for Special Order Inquiries regarding sizing of Hipstirr Pocket Belts, Clothing, Holsters or Dress Belts